SYSTIMAX RECOMMENDATIONS - Guide to Separation of Network

Guide to Separation of Network Cabling from EMI Sources


Lucent Technologies was the manufacturer of SYSTIMAX structured cabling systems (later acquired by CommScope). Several years ago, this company conducted extensive testing for its SYSTIMAX. Structured Cabling Solution regarding power separation and electromagnetic compatibility and published the following recommendations and
  • Lucent Technologies published several tables containing power separation information in its "SYSTIMAX SCS Design Guide" depending on power conductor cross-sectional area, maximum current, cable length etc. In many cases, SYSTIMAX installations of cable lengths of up to 90 m require zero separation distance when adjacent power circuits are powering typical office equipment and limited to 250 Volt, 20 Amperes. Other separation distances vary from 0.02 to 0.8 m.
  • SYSTIMAX SCS Power Sum and GigaSPEED cables require no separation when placed above or adjacent to fluorescent light fixtures.
  • Lucent Technologies tested SYSTIMAX SCS susceptibility to GSM cell phone emissions using 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet and 155 Mbps ATM network protocols. All channels remained error-free even when the antenna of the cell phone was placed directly on the cables or cords.
We are not aware of the current status of EMI design guidelines from this manufacturer but we have all reasons to believe that they still apply provided by all the specific requirements, such as "powering typical office equipment", are met.

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