BICSI RECOMMENDATIONS - Guide to Separation of Network Cabling from EMI Sources

Guide to Separation of Network Cabling from EMI Sources

BICSI Recommendations

Below are recommendations from BICSI, a reputable telecommunications association. BICSI
publishes the highly regarded in the industry and extensive Telecommunications Distribution Design Manual
(TDMM), which contains huge amount of cabling design information.

Some of recommendations for cabling EMI immunity from this manual are compiled below:

  • Enclose power cabling into metal conduits grounded at both ends.
  • Enclose telecommunications cabling into metal conduits grounded at both ends.
  • Use surge protectors to limit transient disturbances emanating from inductive devices.
  • Use well-balanced telecommunications cabling.
  • Maintain adequate physical separation.
  • Terminate unused conductors at both ends.
  • Provide the following minimum clearances:
    • 1.2 m (4 ft.) from large motors or transformers.
    • 30 cm (1 ft.) from conduit and cables used for electrical power distribution.
    • 12 cm (5 in.) from fluorescent lighting.

For more information about the TDMM, contact BICSI at

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