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Cabling Industry News dated 15 Dec 2007 to 15 Dec 2007

AMP Announces Enhancements to MT-RJ Field-Installable Jacks
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AMP NETCONNECT, a part of Tyco Electronics Corporation, today announced several key design enhancements to its popular MT-RJ field-installable optical fiber jacks.

The enhanced MT-RJ jack now fits into a smaller workstation bezel similar to the inserts used in the SL Series of workstation outlets. Parallel dress clips are now available which will hold one or two MT-RJ jacks side-by-side. These clips fit in outlets designed to hold a duplex SC connector.

Field installation of the jacks is now even easier since the fiber guide, which aligns the fibers for insertion, has been improved. Once installed, an optional bend-limiting boot protects the fibers. This minimizes induced attenuation from tight bends that may be created
in cramped outlets. The boots will be included with every workstation jack, and sold in packages of six for use in patch panels.

Additionally, the connectors are color-coded by fiber type - 50/125 micron jacks are black, 62.5/125 micron jacks are now beige and single-mode jacks are blue. These color-coded jacks comply with industry standards and provide easy identification.

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The AMP NETCONNECTTM AMPTRAC™ Mini-Analyzer Offers a Cost-Effective Intelligent Infrastructure Management System for Small Remote Branch Offices

HARRISBURG, PA — January 12, 2004 —Tyco Electronics introduces the AMP NETCONNECT AMPTRAC Mini-Analyzer, a cost-effective intelligent infrastructure management system for small remote branch offices.

The AMPTRAC Mini-Analyzer provides complete AMPTRAC network infrastructure physical management capabilities and is fully compatible with the AMPTRAC System and iTRACS software. It offers enterprise companies and third-party service providers with branch offices, such as banks, medical offices and sales offices, a cost-effective solution to manage the physical infrastructure of those facilities from a centralized location.

"The AMPTRAC Mini-Analyzer will save companies with small branch offices significant time and money," said Tony Beam, director of AMP NETCONNECT business development for Tyco Electronics. "From a centralized location, network administrators can control the physical layer of these offices without having to dispatch network or cabling technicians, which reduces response and down-time."

"Prior to the development and release of the AMPTRAC Mini-Analyzer, implementation of the AMPTRAC Connectivity Management System within remote office locations was not always financially feasible," said Beam. "However with the lower AMPTRAC Mini-Analyzer cost, typically 60% lower than AMPTRAC Enterprise Analyzers, implementation of the AMPTRAC system in even the smallest remote offices is economically feasible and offers significant return on investment opportunities."

The AMPTRAC Mini-Analyzer provides 128-analyzer ports, which typically supports a branch office with up to 64 cabling drops. It connects to the iTRACS server via the existing wide-area or local network and the Mini-Analyzer Ethernet port.

The AMPTRAC Connectivity Management solution turns cabling systems and connected devices into an intelligent network by reducing costly and time-consuming manual cable management. The system allows network administrators to track and document all moves, adds and changes to a network from a centralized location as they occur. The fully automated system can optimize asset utilization, maintain highly accurate documentation and help prevent costly errors. The AMPTRAC Connectivity Management System's hardware coupled with iTRACS software can be integrated into new or existing networks.

For more information about the AMP NETCONNECT AMPTRAC Mini-Analyzer, contact AMP NETCONNECT Customer Service at 800-553-0938 or visit www.ampnectonnect.com.

AMP NETCONNECT, a business unit of Tyco Electronics, develops, manufactures, and supplies a comprehensive range of communications infrastructure products and systems for customers in government, education, healthcare, finance, manufacturing and technology markets. Having established itself as the preeminent provider of commercial premises structured cabling systems for optical fiber and twisted-pair copper technologies, Tyco Electronics has broadened its AMP NETCONNECT product portfolio to include a complete line of residential cabling solutions. Coupling this spectrum of industry-standard offerings with its superior customer service, the AMP NETCONNECT group is well positioned, as a single-source system provider to meet the disparate communications infrastructure needs of commercial and residential customers.

About Tyco Electronics
Tyco Electronics, a major business segment of Tyco International Ltd., is the world's largest passive electronic components manufacturer; a world leader in cutting-edge wireless, active fiber optic and complete power systems technologies; and is also rapidly developing extensive networking and building technology installation services. Tyco Electronics provides advanced technology products from over forty well-known and respected brands, including Agastat, Alcoswitch, AMP, AMP NETCONNECT, Buchanan, CII, CoEv, Critchley, Elcon, Elo TouchSystems, M/A-COM, Madison Cable, OEG, OneSource Building Technologies, Potter & Brumfield, Raychem, Schrack, Simel and TDI Batteries.

# # #

AMP, AMP NETCONNECT, AMPTRAC, NETCONNECT and Tyco are trademarks. Other products, logos and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Research Shows 82 Percent of Surveyed IT Managers Will Specify High-Performance LAN Cabling for Future Networking Needs
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Monday November 4, 8:09 am ET
- Study Confirms Users Have Less Network Downtime With Category 6 Cabling

BASKING RIDGE, N.J., Nov. 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Avaya Inc. (NYSE: AV - News), a leading global provider of communications networks and services for businesses, today announced the company's own research shows 82 percent of enterprise network decision makers surveyed will specify Category 6 high-performance cabling in their next installation.
Ratified in June 2002 and September 2002 respectively, the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and ISO/IEC Category 6/Class E cabling standards establish a benchmark for network performance in Local Area Networks (LANs).

The Avaya SYSTIMAX® Structured Connectivity Solutions (SCS) research report, "Cabling Infrastructure: Ready for Tomorrow's Network Traffic or Heading for Congestion," surveyed more than 2,000 organizations in 38 countries. The report also found that 28 percent of the complete sample have already installed high-performance Category 6 cabling.

Cabling that meets Category 6 standards gives businesses the infrastructure performance they need to increase productivity through greater use of networked systems. It enables the reliable, high-speed communication essential to handle the extra traffic generated by greater use of networked, productivity-enhancing software.

Avaya's SYSTIMAX GigaSPEED® XL Solution, available since April 2002, guarantees electrical performance that is 400 percent better than the Category 6 standards.

This extra performance is of particular value with applications such as video and Voice over IP (VoIP) that demand support of 1 gigabit, or 1 billion bits, per second (Gb/s) transmission to meet their bandwidth and quality of service requirements. For example, the research shows that 19 percent of respondents were already using video conferencing and 27 percent intend to increase their use of multimedia video applications, including video conferencing.

Demand for quality and reliability on the rise

The research revealed that network downtime, together with moves, adds and changes, is costing businesses millions of dollars in lost productivity. From research data, it is estimated, for example, that downtime is costing companies with more than 7,500 network users an average US$5.5 million annually in lost employee productivity alone.

The significance of these losses is widely recognized by respondents. Network downtime was cited as the issue of greatest concern more often than any other. Unprompted, 26 percent of respondents said downtime was the most likely network issue to keep them awake at night and a further 15 percent said degraded network performance was their biggest worry.

Network downtime experienced by users of Category 6 cabling was less than among users of Category 5 and 5e solutions. Among the global sample, only eight percent of Category 6 users experience more than five hours a month downtime compared with 11 percent among users of Category 5 and 5e.

"Respondents who said downtime had a major impact on productivity were the most likely to be deploying fast networking technology in the horizontal, but their deployment of Category 6 cabling was only marginally above the average for all respondents," said Dennis Curtis, vice president and general manager, Avaya Connectivity Solutions. "As a result, when traffic levels grow, some of these organizations may find their cabling has too little headroom to avoid long wait times and poor streaming media quality when traffic peaks."

The importance of quality in selecting a cabling infrastructure was, however, widely recognized. Thirty eight-percent put product quality at the top of their list of priorities, twice as many as the next most commonly named criterion, technical performance.

Faster networking drives backbone upgrades

Organizations worldwide have also been upgrading their networking technology at the same time as cabling. Gigabit Ethernet is now used by 31 percent of respondents in the Local Area Network (LAN) horizontal. Within five years, 73 percent anticipated using this 1 Gb/s technology. Notably, 26 percent of respondents expected to adopt even faster 10 Gb/s connections in horizontal applications, indicating a very high demand for speed and reliability in network infrastructures.

In the backbone, the shift to 10 Gb/s technology has already begun. Currently 7.2 percent of the global sample said they were using 10 Gigabit Ethernet and 4.4 percent were using 10 Gb/s laser optimized multimode fiber cabling in the backbone. Rapid acceleration in the use of 10 Gb/s in the backbone is anticipated in the next 5 years with 59 percent of respondents expecting to deploy it in their backbone by then.

Despite this high proportion of the sample intending to adopt 10Gb/s in the network backbone where traffic from horizontal connections is consolidated, only 21 per cent were aware that new standards for 10 Gb/s laser optimized multimode fiber bad been ratified.

"Network and IT managers must soon make decisions on upgrading backbone applications and cabling to handle the extra traffic they have planned for in the horizontal," added Curtis. "There are choices to be made between laser optimized multimode fiber which utilize less expensive electronics and singlemode fiber which requires more complex electronics, but low awareness of new fiber standards suggests some managers lack the information they need to make the right decisions in this area."

Research Methodology
IT professionals were invited to participate in the survey via an Internet

Web portal during August and September 2002 using a questionnaire designed for
clarity and simplicity. Its 22 questions were available in 12 languages,
enabling network and IT managers to respond in the language they preferred.
The 2,047 IT professionals who took part in the research were from a representative sample of SYSTIMAX SCS and non-SYSTIMAX SCS customers in 38 countries worldwide. They spanned organizations with between 50 and 10,000+ network users across all industry sectors.

About Avaya

Avaya Inc. designs, builds and manages communications networks for more than one million businesses around the world, including 90 percent of the Fortune 500. A world leader in secure and reliable Internet Protocol (IP) telephony systems, communications software applications and services, Avaya is driving the convergence of voice and data applications across IT networks enabling businesses large and small to leverage existing and new networks to enhance value, improve productivity and gain competitive advantage. For more information visit the Avaya website: http://www.avaya.com

Source: Avaya Inc.

S-Video Balun Simplifies Audio-Video Cabling
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World's Most Compact S-Video Balun

MONTREAL, CANADA - NHCsCommunications, a recognized leader for its MuxLab connectivity solutions, announces its new VideoEase S-Video Balun (part#500016) for the audio-video, presentation and multimedia markets. The S-Video Balun allows conventional S-Video to be replaced by standard Category 5 twisted pair in point-to-point S-Video connections. Used in pairs, the S-Video Balun allows up to 1000 feet (300m) to be achieved via Category 5 twisted pair cable. The S-Video Balun is a more cost-effective solution because it eliminates the need to install bulky and expensive S-Video cable. Totally passive and requiring no power supply; the S-Video Balun saves cabling costs in point-to-point S-Video connections, without sacrificing picture quality. For example, on a 500 foot S-Video connection, the customer can save up to 50% in material cost alone versus using traditional S-Video cable.

The S-Video Balun helps streamline cabling wherever S-Video is used; video-conferencing, presentation and projection systems, MPEG video players, game machines, video advertising, tradeshow demonstrations, podium presentation systems, PC-training, airline information systems, courtroom video arraignment, home audio-video systems, medical monitoring displays and CCTV security and surveillance.

The product’s advanced design allows normal S-Video distance limitations to be exceeded thereby opening up new applications and eliminating the need for expensive video amplifiers or boosters. Furthermore the excellent noise and crosstalk immunity of the product allows S-Video and other low voltage signals to co-exist under multipair Cat 5 cable without affecting image quality. S-Video programming can then be effectively distributed via existing structured cabling systems. Unlike other similar products, NHC’s S-Video Balun connects directly to the S-Video equipment, eliminating the need for additional S-Video jumper cables.

The S-Video Balun (500016) features one (1) S-Video connector and one (1) RJ45 connector. The S-Video Balun works in conjunction with PCs, laptops, notebooks, LCD projectors, DVD players, digital video recorders (DVR), VCRs, satellite receivers, video switchers, video servers, splitters, boosters, scan converters and other equipment that supports S-Video.

The S-Video Balun also works in conjunction with NHC’s VideoEase Audio-Video Distribution Hub (500200) for a total S-Video cabling distribution system via Cat 5 twisted pair cable. Schools, for example can use the S-Video Balun with the Audio-Video Hub to distribute S-Video programming to several classrooms via pre-existing twisted pair cable. The product comes with an Installation Guide. An Application Guide in .pdf format is also available on request.

The Suggested List Price of the S-Video Balun (500016) is USD$35.00 per balun and is available immediately. For more information, visit the company’s web site at www.muxlab.com.

Anixter's Network Performance Seminar To Visit 13 Cities
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Anixter, the world's leading distributor of data communications products, is conducting a nationwide seminar series called "The Future of Network Performance."
The seminars are scheduled to be held in 13 cities between April 4th and September 25th, 2001. The half-day session will discuss topics such as "Preparing Your Network Infrastructure for Convergence" and "Innovations in Fiber Optics." Anixter will also present recent findings uncovered at its UL certified Levels Lab located in Mt.
Prospect, IL. The lab is conducting research into the use of
bandwidth-hungry applications, their impact on network performance and ways to enhance a cabling infrastructure to maximize network throughput.
The seminars are open to anyone interested in learning how to improve their network's performance. IS/LAN Managers, CFO/CIO's, contractors, consultants, architects, and others involved in information networks are invited to participate. Registration begins at 11:30 AM and the event includes a complimentary lunch. There is no cost associated with the seminar; however, space is limited. An exhibit area will feature some of Anixter's key suppliers and their
products. The seminar will conclude with a free raffle drawing and reception from 3:45 PM to 5:00 PM.
To make reservations one month in advance of each scheduled seminar, go online at www.anixter.com/seminars or contact Jennifer Bartelli at 1-800-468-6267, ext. 2539.
Daily Agenda

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM: Lunch/Registration/ Exhibits

12:30 - 1:30PM: Seminar 1: Preparing Your Network Infrastructure for Convergence
1:30 - 2:30PM: Seminar 2: Levels XP Defined
2:30 -2:45PM: Break
2:45 - 3:45PM: Seminar 3: Innovations in Fiber Optics
3:45 -5:00PM: Exhibits/Raffle/Reception

"The Future of Network Performance" Seminar Schedule

Rochester, NY
April 4th, 2001
Four points Sheraton Hotel
Rochester Riverside
120 Main Street East

Richmond, VA
April 12TH, 2001
Sheraton Richmond West
6624 West Broad Street

Atlanta, GA
May 10th, 2001
Atlanta Marriott Century Center Hotel
2000 Century Blvd.

Phoenix, AZ
June 7th, 2001
Phoenix Airport Marriott
1101 North 44TH Street

Pittsburgh, PA
June 21st, 2001
Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh Int'l Airport

San Diego, CA
July 12th, 2001
Hilton San Diego Airport/Airport/Harbor Island
1960 Harbor Island drive
San Diego

Minneapolis, MN
July 19th, 2001
The Northland Inn
7025 Northland Drive

Baltimore, MD
August 7th, 2001
Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor
110 South Eutaw St.

Kansas City, MO
Aug. 28th, 2001
Kansas City Marriott Downtown
200 West 12th St.
Kansas City, MO

Detroit, MI
September 6th, 2001
Location to be determined

New York City, NY
September 18th, 2001
New York Marriott East Side
525 Lexington Ave.
New York

Oklahoma City, OK
September 25th, 2001
Hilton Oklahoma City Northwest
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