EIA/TIA-561pin layout.Serial interface via 8-pin

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EIA/TIA-561 Pin Layout (serial interface via 8-pin connector)

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Here a useful pinout for anyone who wants to connect their PC to devices such as key or PBX (Private Branch eXchange)  phone system or other devices that have a serial port connected to a 8P8C jack. In fact, phone systems may have more than one port of this kind. For example, Avaya Partner ACS and Avaya Merlin Magix have two ports with this pin layout - the Admin port and the SMDR port.
Please note that there are several competing pinouts for this kind of connection. For example, Cisco console adapter has different pin layout even though it is also a DB9-to-8-pin connector device.
EIA/TIA-561 Pin Layout Diagram with DB9 connector

EIA/TIA-561 pin layout (serial interface via 8-pin connector)

The EIA/TIA-561 standard itself only applies to the 8P8C end of such cable. Therefore, we also provide the DB25 pinout in case your PC has a DB25 serial port available. Please see the pin assignment table below for DB25-to-DB9 conversion

EIA/TIA-561 Pin Layout Diagram with DB25 connector

EIA/TIA-561 DB25 pin layout (serial interface via 8-pin connector)

EIA/TIA-561 Pin Layout and RS-232 pin assignments

8P8C (RJ45) DB9 DB25 Signal Description
1 9 22 RI Ring Indicator
2 1 8 DCD Data Carrier Detect
3 4 20 DTR Data Terminal Ready
4 5 7 SG Signal Ground
5 2 3 RXD Received Data
6 3 2 TXD Transmitted Data
7 8 5 CTS Clear To Send
8 7 4 RTS Request To Send

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