Home Cabling Guide. CAT5E, CAT6, video and audio cabling. Everything you need to learn to do it yourself
Ultimate Guide to Wiring Your Home for Internet, Whole-House Voice, Data and Video is just a click away!

Introducing the new, based on the most recent version of ANSI/TIA-570-B Residential Cabling Standard,

Fourth Edition

Home Cabling Guide. CAT5E, CAT6, video and audio cabling. Everything you need to learn to do it yourself

Home Cabling Guide

Finally, an instantly downloadable book that saves you hundreds if not thousands home improvement dollars! Enjoy living in 21st century technology-advanced home while increasing its selling value and competitive advantage on the real estate market. Whether your cabling is for home office or high-tech leisure, you can wire your home yourself or learn "wirish" to speak with your cabling contractors in their language!

You will learn:

  • How to increase value of your house by making it ready for whole-house voice, data, video, infrared controls and other applications
  • How to turn your house into a state-of-the-art communications and entertainment building
  • How to integrate and successfully use basic and advanced technologies like Internet connection sharing and whole-house video and infrared signal distribution
  • How to plan, design, install and maintain your advanced home cabling network
  • How to choose the best components for your home network
  • and much more ...

The Guide features:

  • Cabling terms described in simple words
  • Residential cabling standard overview
  • Recommendations for home cabling planning and design
  • List of supported applications
  • Cabling topology schemes
  • Installation procedures and tips
  • Pin layouts and other reference information
  • List of additional information sources
  • and much more ...

Full Table of Contents:
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Readers say:
Opening Quote

This Guide is very easy to comprehend and implement, I find it to be more explanatory than other more expensive books in the structing cable comunity

Peter Williams

This book is very easy to understand, a lot of figures and tables complete the value of the book. All the informations are accurates from the beginner to the pro. This book pass in review all kind of cables, the description of each, the standards supported by them,the boxes that we need for installation, etc,etc.
Every body who wants to know the cabling (residential, commercial,industrial) needs this book. It's a must.

Denis G, Québec, Canada

Very good guidebook and great value for money. Easy to read, well thought out and practical

G Williams

Your guide is the only one of it's kind and you are to be commented for your efforts

Robert Parson

I had a chance to read your 2nd addition this afternoon and found it very informative, well written, and presented. It was easy to follow and understand for a new comer and I would recommend this to anyone interested in learning about residential cabling.

Dan Metzcus
Building Contractor

I was able to download the pdf quickly! I read
it front to back and it was a SUPER-DUPER help! Thanks again.

Andy Hatcher

The cabling guide really came in handy. It "filled-in" the blanks and gave me some better perspective about setting up the cat5e and phone lines in my house.

Donald Childs


Closing Quote