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Cabling Industry News dated 15 Dec 2007 to 15 Dec 2007

Anixter's Network Performance Seminar To Visit 13 Cities
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Anixter, the world's leading distributor of data communications products, is conducting a nationwide seminar series called "The Future of Network Performance."
The seminars are scheduled to be held in 13 cities between April 4th and September 25th, 2001. The half-day session will discuss topics such as "Preparing Your Network Infrastructure for Convergence" and "Innovations in Fiber Optics." Anixter will also present recent findings uncovered at its UL certified Levels Lab located in Mt.
Prospect, IL. The lab is conducting research into the use of
bandwidth-hungry applications, their impact on network performance and ways to enhance a cabling infrastructure to maximize network throughput.
The seminars are open to anyone interested in learning how to improve their network's performance. IS/LAN Managers, CFO/CIO's, contractors, consultants, architects, and others involved in information networks are invited to participate. Registration begins at 11:30 AM and the event includes a complimentary lunch. There is no cost associated with the seminar; however, space is limited. An exhibit area will feature some of Anixter's key suppliers and their
products. The seminar will conclude with a free raffle drawing and reception from 3:45 PM to 5:00 PM.
To make reservations one month in advance of each scheduled seminar, go online at www.anixter.com/seminars or contact Jennifer Bartelli at 1-800-468-6267, ext. 2539.
Daily Agenda

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM: Lunch/Registration/ Exhibits

12:30 - 1:30PM: Seminar 1: Preparing Your Network Infrastructure for Convergence
1:30 - 2:30PM: Seminar 2: Levels XP Defined
2:30 -2:45PM: Break
2:45 - 3:45PM: Seminar 3: Innovations in Fiber Optics
3:45 -5:00PM: Exhibits/Raffle/Reception

"The Future of Network Performance" Seminar Schedule

Rochester, NY
April 4th, 2001
Four points Sheraton Hotel
Rochester Riverside
120 Main Street East

Richmond, VA
April 12TH, 2001
Sheraton Richmond West
6624 West Broad Street

Atlanta, GA
May 10th, 2001
Atlanta Marriott Century Center Hotel
2000 Century Blvd.

Phoenix, AZ
June 7th, 2001
Phoenix Airport Marriott
1101 North 44TH Street

Pittsburgh, PA
June 21st, 2001
Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh Int'l Airport

San Diego, CA
July 12th, 2001
Hilton San Diego Airport/Airport/Harbor Island
1960 Harbor Island drive
San Diego

Minneapolis, MN
July 19th, 2001
The Northland Inn
7025 Northland Drive

Baltimore, MD
August 7th, 2001
Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor
110 South Eutaw St.

Kansas City, MO
Aug. 28th, 2001
Kansas City Marriott Downtown
200 West 12th St.
Kansas City, MO

Detroit, MI
September 6th, 2001
Location to be determined

New York City, NY
September 18th, 2001
New York Marriott East Side
525 Lexington Ave.
New York

Oklahoma City, OK
September 25th, 2001
Hilton Oklahoma City Northwest

Avaya Announces Enhancements to HomeStar(R) Residential Communication Solution
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Avaya, the newly-named spin off company of Lucent Technologies Enterprise Networks Group, today announced a number of enhancements to its HomeStar® system, making it easier for homeowners to manage their in-home communication and entertainment needs. Avaya introduced its new HomeStar SC400 product line this week at the Pacific Coast Builder's Conference in San Francisco (June 27-30).

The HomeStar system allows homeowners to integrate the control and management of communication systems (phone, fax and e-mail), entertainment systems (whole-house stereo, VCR, cable, digital and satellite television), home office equipment (computers, printers and scanners), and video surveillance systems.

The new SC400 product line provides robust features including extended support for emerging technologies, like cable and digital subscriber line (DSL) modems used for high speed Internet access, and a built-in coaxial cable amplifier for stronger signals and broadband cable television applications.

Three new service centers, the brains of the system, provide efficient, high-density capacity and unique panel designs, enabling new applications to be added as they are introduced into the marketplace. Avaya said its new design is more flexible, making it easier to expand the system's capabilities as a homeowner's needs changes.

Avaya said the smallest HomeStar SC400 Series service center can support up to 16 television connections and up to 18 telephone outlets in the home, and can be installed for less than a thousand dollars.

For more information, visit the Web site at http://www.avaya.com.

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Anixter is sponsoring a seminar series on Network Cabling Solutions that will appear in 18 cities through September 28, 2000. Anixter's "Cabling Technology 2000" show will travel to one city each week over an 18-week period.

Topics to be covered are: "Network Throughput: Megahertz to Megabits," "Industrial Communications Solutions" and "Infrastructure Testing Demystified." Network, data communications and LAN managers, as well as application engineers, CIO's, MIS personnel and contractors are encouraged to attend this important event that will discuss key issues affecting the entire industry.

"Cabling Technology 2000" is free of charge and starts each day at 8 a.m. with a complimentary continental breakfast. Exhibits will be open throughout the day and a raffle will be held at 3 p.m. Reservations for seating can be made by calling 800-313-2878.

AMP Announces Enhancements to MT-RJ Field-Installable Jacks
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AMP NETCONNECT, a part of Tyco Electronics Corporation, today announced several key design enhancements to its popular MT-RJ field-installable optical fiber jacks.

The enhanced MT-RJ jack now fits into a smaller workstation bezel similar to the inserts used in the SL Series of workstation outlets. Parallel dress clips are now available which will hold one or two MT-RJ jacks side-by-side. These clips fit in outlets designed to hold a duplex SC connector.

Field installation of the jacks is now even easier since the fiber guide, which aligns the fibers for insertion, has been improved. Once installed, an optional bend-limiting boot protects the fibers. This minimizes induced attenuation from tight bends that may be created
in cramped outlets. The boots will be included with every workstation jack, and sold in packages of six for use in patch panels.

Additionally, the connectors are color-coded by fiber type - 50/125 micron jacks are black, 62.5/125 micron jacks are now beige and single-mode jacks are blue. These color-coded jacks comply with industry standards and provide easy identification.

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SKOKIE, IL (March 5, 2003) -- Anixter Inc., the world’s leading distributor of communications products, announced that it has sold the rights and intellectual property associated with its testing and certification process for Levels XP channels to Underwriters Laboratories (UL). The only specification of its kind—Levels XP (Expanded Performance) measures network cable performance on live data and certifies the capability of a cabling system to minimize bit errors. It is the most accurate measurement of data throughput and enterprise network bandwidth and will now be available exclusively through UL, the recognized leader in conformity assessment services.

Under the terms of the sale, UL will now perform all Levels XP channel testing and certification for existing Levels XP partners and new clients at its state-of-the-art XP lab in UL’s Melville, NY facility. Anixter will continue to market and support Levels XP as the cornerstone of its marketing strategy.

The Levels XP channel-testing effort emerged as an outgrowth of Anixter’s Levels program. Initiated in 1988, the Levels program was created as a means of evaluating, categorizing and establishing standards of performance for cable and cabling systems used within an enterprise network. It is the very basis upon which the industry’s Category system (Cat5, Cat5e, etc.) is founded and standards of performance are based.

“The very fact that UL purchased our Levels XP channel and certification process, validates our procedures and the importance of throughput and bandwidth verification,” stated Frank Coletto, senior vice president of marketing for Anixter. “This is a real win-win for UL, Anixter and our customers. It allows UL, the world leader in independent testing, to do exactly what it does best—namely, superior testing and certification. It allows us the ability to continue to devote our energies toward providing the best solutions, support and service to our customer base. And it gives our customers the peace of mind in knowing that the cabling systems they get from us will perform exactly as they expect.”

“We are pleased to take over the reins of the Levels XP testing and certification program from Anixter,” commented Steve Galan, wire and cable manager for Underwriters Laboratories. “This reinforces UL’s commitment to providing premium testing solutions for the wire and cable industry and expands our service capabilities even further for our clients.”

Anixter will maintain its Levels Lab facility, according to Pete Lockhart, the company’s vice president of technology. “We will continue to perform component testing in our lab and random testing of our inventory stock,” Lockhart pointed out. “It’s a commitment to our customers and a commitment to quality that we intend to keep. Our mission will continue to focus on new and better ways to serve our valued customers.”

About Anixter
Anixter International is a leading distributor of communication products and a leading distributor of fasteners and other "C" Class inventory components to Original Equipment Manufacturers. The company adds value to the distribution process through its valued added services and logistics programs and by providing its customers access to 1) more than 185,000 products and approximately $500 million in inventory, 2) 125 warehouses with more than 4.4 million square feet of space, and 3) locations in 193 cities in 40 countries. Founded in 1957 and headquartered near Chicago, Anixter trades on The New York Stock Exchange under the symbol AXE. Additional information about Anixter is available on the Internet at www.anixter.com.

About Anixter Levels Lab
The Anixter Levels Lab, located in Mt. Prospect, IL, analyzes manufacturing quality and performance levels of network cabling and components, such as patch cords, NIC cards and switches. Anixter's Levels Lab contains miles of copper and fiber optic cable, hundreds of different connectors, patch panel ports and patch cords. The equipment allows Anixter to simulate many data cabling systems. Through this recreation and simulation of key network parameters, the Levels Lab can analyze performance expectations, detect problems and find real-world solutions to them.
About Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
UL® is the world's leading product safety and certification organization with more than 16 billion UL® markings applied to more than 17,000 types of products each year. UL® is also the leading independent auditor of laboratory and laboratory processes and procedures. Moreover, in the telecommunications industry, UL® certifies the vast majority of products to the industry's standards.
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Cabling industry news dated 15 Dec 2007 to 15 Dec 2007
Cabling industry news dated 15 Dec 2007 to 15 Dec 2007
Cabling industry news dated 15 Dec 2007 to 15 Dec 2007
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