Goals of Residential Telecom Cabling

Goals of Residential Telecom Cabling
For many years, residential telecommunications cabling has consisted only of plain telephone cable and coaxial cable for television. Today, this approach may severely limit the ability and capacity of a residential unit for providing its tenants with advanced information technology.

New applications and services like WebTV and games over the Internet are emerging at the increasing rate. Now, it is absolutely clear that these services need a proper home wiring designed for high bandwidth and flexibility.

In addition, more and more homes are used as home offices with many networking requirements including home office LANs with high-speed Internet access.

The common goals of a modern residential home wiring system may be defined as follows:

* Receiving communications services from external service providers and distributing them to multiple locations in the house;
* Connecting multiple locations in the house to the external service providers;
* Providing convenient means for communications between multiple locations in the house;
* Providing the ease of upgrade (without the need for costly rewiring) when new services emerge;
* Making MACs (Moves, Adds and Changes) as easy as possible.

Understanding these factors, the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) invested a huge amount of time and resources in developing a standard titled TIA/EIA-570-A “Residential Telecommunications Cabling Standard”. The current (second) version of the Standard was approved in September 1999.

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