General Information - Guide to Separation of Network Cabling from EMI Sources

Guide to Separation of Network Cabling from EMI Sources

General Information

Some of the common questions asked by a person responsible for network cabling design and installation are:

  • What separation is needed between power and network cabling?
  • What separation is needed between network cabling and other sources of electromagnetic noise?

Those questions have two important aspects:

  • Electrical Safety for Personnel
  • Impact on Network performance

The “Electrical Safety” aspect defines the required separation of network cabling from power conductors and devices to eliminate the electrical hazard for the personnel working in an office.
The “Network Performance” aspect defines the separation of network copper cabling from different sources of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) required (or recommended) for proper transmission of network signals over the copper network cabling. This type of separation guidelines ensures that the
network functions without degradation. Typical EMI sources include:

  • power conductors
  • active equipment
  • copiers
  • induction heaters
  • cell phones
  • heavy machinery
  • welding equipment
  • other sources


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