THE USE OF FIBER OPTIC CABLING - Guide to Separation of Network Cabling from EMI Sources

Guide to Separation of Network Cabling from EMI Sources


Fiber optic cabling is practically immune to all EMI effects. It is the best solution for fully eliminating the EMI problems related to network cabling. Using fully dielectric fiber cables also solves the problem of creating ground loops in a building.

Several important limitations of fiber optic cabling should be considered before using this option:
  • Active equipment with fiber optic ports is more expensive compared to equipment using copper ports. Since price of electronics has always been going down you should check whether this statement is still true for the bandwidh that your network applicaitions require.
  • It is impossible to deliver enough power for any existing terminal equipment in a way power can be delivered via PoE (power over Ethernet) protocol.
  • Fiber optic installation as well as maintenance requires special skills and is generally more expensive.


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