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 Question by Cameron Clark posted 28 Apr 2004
 Telephone followup
Thanks Joe,
More complicated than I thought...let me try and give you the extra facts you requested.
I don't know the type number of the jack and couldn't find anything imprinted. They are a 8-conductor jacks that pop into the plate...purchased from friend who does networking when I built the house 7 years ago. The current pinout is as follows left to right
white/brown white/green white/orange blue white/blue orange green brown
I have been using a two line panasonic phone for 2-3 years with the same single jack configuration. Since it is only the 2 line model, I was adding a single line phone for the new 3rd line.
I assume since lines 1 & 2 have worked for some time with my current 8 position jack configuration I have RJ61. I did check the hubbel webpage you suggested and it looks to me like I have inconsistently reversed the white/blue and Blue wires (my line 1) on my jacks. Although line 1 came in on all jacks even the ones where the blue and white/blue are reversed. Possible? Tell me these inconsistencies yet apparent function are possible. But does that explain why the green pair don't work and connecting the blue pair for one line to the green pair on the punchdown works? thanks
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 29 Apr 2004
Dear Cameron,

From your pin/color code description this sounds like an RJ-61 (USOC) which is fine for voice communications and should have matched up fine for your two line Panasonic telephone which which most of them have a line1/line2 jack as is wired to the RJ-14 configuration. The RJ-14 is consistant with the first two lines of the RJ-61. I do not believe that you have reversed the blue white/blue pair for the order you stated is correct. Even if the Blue Blue/White was reverses, the telephone would continue to work provided it was equiped with a polarity guard (Most analog telephones have this built in).

On to your third line problem. As you are using a separate single line telephone for this it must be wired to it's own jack as LINE 1 which is the blue pair.
If you are using the same four pair cable for the first 2 lines and the third line then the green pair must be broken out and terminated on a new jack in the blue pair position. A single line telephone only knows pair 1 even though this is your third line.

If you are using a separate cable for the third line, then connect the blue pair of that cable to the green pair coming from Telco.

Thank should get you going.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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