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 Question by Eric Treu posted 02 Apr 2004
 Phone lines
I need two cat 5 lines and one phone line in each office. The phone guy is telling me I dont need to run my own phone line because he can use one of the cat 5 lines. Is this true? I thought I would be using both the cat 5 for data issues.
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 07 Apr 2004
Dear Eric,

This is a shared sheath situation where more then 1 service is be sent on a single cable. It is unadvisable for at least two reasons.

1. If you ever want to upgade your data to a protocal that requires all four pairs (i.e. 1000BaseT) it would not be possible if a pair is stolen for telephone service.

2. The possibility for noise and crosstalk between the services is high thus causing delay and errors on your data.

In short, run separate cables for voice and data. Always terminate all 4 pairs within a single jack.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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