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 Question by tom fincher posted 30 Sep 2003
 fiber optic color code
Our company has just purchased a fiber termination kit which we have just learned to use. We have just installed a new 48 strand cable. In this cable all 48 strands are in one tube, what is used to break out the strands into groups of 6 or 12, and what are the color codes ? Are there more than 12 colors, or are they repeated in groups of 12? We have not stripped back the new cable yet.
 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 30 Sep 2003
Dear Tom,

For this kind of cable you would need a special break-out kit purchased. The kit consists of a glove-like splitter with 6 or 8 fingers. For 48 fibers you would need the 8-finger one. There is also PVC tubing that you slide the groups of 8 fibers in, and then slide the tubing onto the finger. There is also heat-shring tubing of smaller size involved. Please contact the cable's manufacturer's rep about the way to do that, and be prepared that they suggest you go through training. This is one of the most involved fiber cable installation procedures there is.

The colors are repeated in groups of 12. The color code for a group are the threads, wrapped around the 12-fiber groups. Same color coding applies to the wraps: blue - #1, orange - #2, green -#3 and brown - #4. So, your aqua fiber in brown thread-wrapped group is actually number 48.

Hope this helps.

If you are in Eastern PA or NJ, my company can help you with that install. Send me a message at

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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