Can I have multiple parallel jacks on cat5e cable if I use only 2 at a time? FREE cabling and networking Helpdesk
 Question by Greg L posted 02 Jul 2003
 Can I have multiple parallel jacks on cat5e cable if I use only 2 at a time?
I have 3 rooms in my home where I need access to the network, and since I use laptops I may use different rooms at different times. I thought to solve the problem by running several cat5e cables through all the rooms and putting a jack in a room on each cable (I realize that I can use only two jacks on any cable at a time). But for some reason this does not work. As soon as I connect an extra segment of the cable, the connection between al the jacks is gone; as soon as I disconnect extra segment, two other jacks work fine. I checked and re-checked wiring and color-coding. Could it be that extra (unused) jack and wiring degrade the signal enough to kill the network? In general, could I have more than two jacks on one cat5e cable? Any help appreciated.

 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 15 Jul 2003
Dear Greg,

Theoretically speaking, you can have a second jack on a CAT5E cable if you need to create a transition point. However, that sould be a single jack, not a combination of two jacks and a patch cord that you would need to create the kind of daisy-chain you have at your house.

I would strongly recommend installing (at least) one cable per room and running every cable al the way to the central point, where you would plug them all into an Ethernet switch. After you do that, you will be roaming through your rooms with laptop, no problem. Every time there will be only point-to-point connection between the two pieces of network electronics.
Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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