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 Question by Chris Goodwin posted 06 Jan 2003
 Jack coloring
I'm currently having a debate with a colleague in regards to the "correct" coloring for the data jack inserts on a new structured cabling system installation. He is arguing for "yellow", whereas I'm insisting on "blue". I've looked everywhere for a "standard" laying out the appropriate colors, but to no avail. Which color is correct?
 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 28 Jan 2003
Dear Chris,

I hope my answer is not too late to settle the debate.

The answer would be: you do not have to use any particular color for jacks. Some sources, such as BICSI TDMM and manufacturers' design guidelines suggest that you use following color scheme to designate cross-connect fields, depending on their assignments:
Blue - horizontal cables connections
White- backbone connections
Gray - second level backbone
Brown - interbuilding backbone
Orange - Demarc
Green - network and auxiliary equipment
Purple - common (customer owned) equipment connections, such as PBX, data switch etc
Yellow - misc., such as alarms, security circuits
Red - reserved for future

Please note: those recommendations have to do with colors of labels, not the actual pieces of hardware themselves. Though, you were correct: the jacks are part of horizontal system, so it makes (some) sense to have them blue. In reality though, you can use any color you want, based on your organization's standard, or just invent a standard for yourself.

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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