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 Question by Nathan Lai posted 03 Jul 2002
 Help! How to evaluate the bids on network cabling project
We are going to outsource the network cabling project which will replace all existing cables with CAT-6 ones. Could you give us suggestions on how to evaluate the bids on the project?

 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 03 Jul 2002
Dear Nathan,

It greatly depends on how big the project is.
You should definitely look at the cable manufacturer and choose only the "big names" because CAT6 is a high end product for every manufacturer. So the quality matters.
Then you want to look at the installer company. Ask for references; see if they did build a CAT6 system already. CAT6 was ratified just couple weeks ago, but the products were available for two years before.
Obviously, the installer company has to be a certified and trained partner of the cabling system manufacturer. See if they have RCDD engineer on staff.

There is really more to a quote evaluation than I can put here in the small format of our Helpdesk, so you may want to write me e-mail at

You can also contract us to evaluate the quotes.

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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