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 Question by eric morton posted 04 Jun 2002
 up grading
I have a buisness which has an ibm token ring,novel circa 1986,and 1 aol account costing me 19.95 a month.

What i would like to do is have an online store with shipping and recieving, shared files and print service, 15 employee's using internet at the same time. my square footage is bottom floor 18,000 and tp floor 10,000 square footage. I would need 25 computers working together. How would I accomplish what I need and how much would this cost.
 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 27 Jun 2002
Dear Eric,

Upgrading your network will involve wiring as well as networking equipment change. It's much easier and cheaper these days to just abandon the old networking equipment than to look for something backwards compatible.

Talking about cabling, I would definitely recommend CAT5E cabling as a minimum requirement.
You would also need to establish a telecom room (or two: one per floor, depending on your building configuration).

For Internet connectivity I would recommend to find a DSL provider and get DSL service that can be shared between the computers.

It’s rather difficult to embrace the whole system design in couple words here, and there are always plenty of variables, depending on the location, business and budget. So I would advise you to get professional company involved and provide you with a solution.

If your business happens to be in Eastern Pennsylvania or South Jersey, I can definitely provide you with design and budgetary estimation as well as installation services by my company. Please drop me a message to rcdd@cabling-design.com

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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