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 Question by Drago Goricanec posted 04 Jan 2002
 Running CAT5E through the attic
In wiring my house, I will run my CAT5E cables
through the attic and down individual walls. They
will all terminate in the utility room next to the

My question: Is the attic considered plenum space?

I'd really like to save money by not using plenum
cable there. One option I am considering which
also solves a problem of attaching the cables is
to run PVC conduit over large parts of the attic.
If the attic is considered plenum space, would I
be able to put the cable in metal conduit? Does
the gap have to be air tight with respect to the
plenum space when the cable enters the conduit?

For information, I plan to run about 3 or 4 cables
per room, for 8 rooms. One for phone applications
and two for separate LANs. The phone would be
terminated at a 110 block, the LANs at a 24-port
patch panel.

 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 06 Jan 2002
Dear Drago,

The definition of a plenum space is the space that can be used for delivery or return path for environmental air. An attic of a residential home is not considered such space unless your house is very much different from vast majority of the others. So you can run regular PVC cable. However, depending on how exactly you use the attic, you may still want to run the cables in a conduit just for the cables' safety. Flexible non-liquid/air tight PVC conduit will be just fine.
Good luck with your installation!
Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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