Upgrade to 100mbps fiber & copper

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 Question by Dennis Meko posted 01 Nov 2001
 Upgrade to 100mbps fiber & copper
I am on a team to go to 100mbps at our site. We have 300 nodes at 10 mbps. Our net is 1996 fiber multi-mode with MCC to 8 different buildings. Copper inside buildings on old chipcom hubs. ChipCom and other MFGs for our equip are all gone. We have some FL and FB fiber runs of 800 to 1000ft. Nothing was put in according to EIA/TIA spec except the ATT Fiber. We have no documentation other than memory.
What would be the top 3 things to get started?
Thanks for help,
 Answer by Roman Kitaev posted 02 Nov 2001

you really have a very challenging project.

My first suggestion would be the following 3 things:

(1) understand what you have now (draw a current network layout, devices, cables etc)

(2) understand what you want to have after upgrade (draw a future network diagram etc.)

(3) understand your budget for upgrade

If you need additional help, please email me directly at info@cabling-design.com

Best regards
Roman Kitaev, RCDD

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