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 Question by Mark Thompson posted 08 Sep 2001
 home network cabling

I'm stuck and need your help. I've setup a LAN in my home office and my wife now wants a LAN jack upstairs. I managed to get the wire from upstairs to the office thru the walls, and I'm stuck trying to figure out which wiring should be used (A v/s B v/s other?)

The network is laid out as such:

Cable Modem internet
Cable Modem
CAT5 to Server from modem

CAT5 from Server to HUB
CAT5 from HUB to wall plate

wiring from office to upstairs (should this part be straight thru, A, B, or other)

CAT5 from wall plate to upstairs remote PC

All the CAT5 cables mentioned are "standard" CAT5 commercially purchased cables.

Any help would be appreciated -



 Answer by Roman Kitaev posted 10 Sep 2001
Hello, Mark!

You can use either wiring scheme, but be sure than only ONE scheme is used in your cabling channels.

As I understand from your description, you do not have a patch panel and RJ-45 connectors are terminated directly on CAT5 cables. In this case, you can determine which wiring scheme is used by looking at the RJ-45.

After having understood which wire goes to which RJ-45 pin, wire your new outlet straight-through .

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