Quad Shield RG-6?

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 Question by David Lloyd posted 05 Sep 2001
 Quad Shield RG-6?
I have just completed pre-wiring my new house with standard RG6 [for video distro AND acle modem]. Someone now says that I should have used "Quad Shield" RG6...This to me seems like overkill. Am I wrong? Does cable modem require "Quad Shield?"

Thanks in advance,

 Answer by Roman Kitaev posted 10 Sep 2001
Hello, David!

RG6 refers to transmission performance of the cable. It can have one, two or four layers of shielding. "Quad" refers to four layers. The more shielding layers we have, the better the noise immunity of the cable.

In general, quad-shield RG6 is recommended for video distribution in homes, but I think that RG6 versions with less shielding are also OK if you do not have strong noise sources near to the cable.

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