Voice and 100Base-T on same Cat5 cable

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 Question by Mike Richardson posted 19 May 2000
 Voice and 100Base-T on same Cat5 cable
This is a followup to an answer from Roman Kitaev

Roman said "The best solution for you is to make a standards-compliant cabling system (one outlet - one 4-pair UTP cable) and then use an external splitter...Always check that the selected splitter is Category 5-compliant and will support Fast Ethernet."

I have not been able to source a Category 5-compliant splitter. Do you know a source?

Background: Siemon sells a YT4-E2-E2 splitter, which does what I want, but is rated Cat3. I called Siemon and asked if a Cat5 version is available, but they said "No".

 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 20 May 2000
Hello Mike,

I don't really know any vendor that makes CAT5 compliant splitter, but you may do one yourself.

In fact, Lucent, for example, advertised that they will support application warranty for such a splitters if they are made of certified CAT5E components.

How do you do the splitter? Just take two CAT5E jacks, one two-ports surface mount box and one RJ-45 one end cord (about one foot length will be enough). Then strip the cord for about 5 inches, and terminate cord's pairs 1 and 4 to pairs 1 and 4 in jack #1. Then cord's pairs 2, 3 onto pairs 2, 3 in jack #2. Fix everything in surface mount box.

Use jack #1 for voice, jack #2 for data.

It may be some sort of disturbance on the data line when phone line rings, but your network will recover quickly and you are not going to notice anything since a phone rings maybe 10 times a day, not more. If you don't send big files at this exact time, it's absolutelly not a problem.

For your reference: coloring scheme for 4-pairs cable is here

With best regards,
Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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