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 Question by J R Cutler posted 04 Mar 2008
 Signal amplification
I just got a new 46" Mitsubishi LCD. My signal at the set is 32, Fair. I saw this on the monitor when the Cable Tech arrived to test the system. He said everything was OK. The normal digital stations...480p... are somewhat fuzzy, all high definition are good. I loose all the high definition stations if I remove the amplifier, a Scientific Atlantic.

My cable is split to the broadband and to the amplifier, then to an eight position splitter. If the signal is 32 at the set, can I put a second amplifier in series to boost the signal another 15dba. I have been told you can burn out the box with too strong a signal, but an additional 15 would only boost to about 47. I have also been told by Best Buy that a booster will not work on digital, only analog, so you obviously cannot believe all you hear.

Are you aware how to call up on the monitor the cable status including signal strength Provider is Suddenlink and box is Pace
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 07 Mar 2008
Dear J R,

While I cannot help you with set up of the monitor, here are some suggestions

1. Install a terminator at each unsed port of the 8 port splittler and at the end of each un-used length of coax cable.
2. Purchase a digitial amplifier (check web site of Scientific Atlantic or other providers of this equipment
3. Check for any attenuators installed after the amplifier and before the splittler and reduce or remove them (Attenuators load the signal down).
4. Contact your provider for suggested solutions.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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