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 Question by Aaron Thomas posted 15 Jan 2008
 transposed wire
I am currently installing a cat5 ethernet connection in my home, and i have installed the rj45 jack correctly on both ends. I am using the {b} phase of coloring, and my tester is telling me that i have a transposed pair of wires, and this is really bothering me . I do not know what that means, and what to do to fix it. Any help is very gratefull.

Thank you
 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 28 Mar 2012
Dear Aaron ,

"Transposed pair" simply means that the conductors of that pair are switched - white/blue ends up in the contact position of blue on the other end of the cable, and wise versa (assuming was a blue pair - could happen to any pair of course).

Since these are twisted pair cables and the communication is normally in a balanced mode, the polarity of conductors usually has no adverse effect on the application. But it is still a good idea to fix that anyway - there are still applications out there (serial comms and custom applications, mostly) that do not use balanced transmission and therefore reliant on proper polarity.

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

P.S. I do apologize that it took so long to answer the question. We are *just* re-opening the helpdesk after a couple of years of dormancy.

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