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 Question by Andrew Speakes posted 27 Jul 2007
 Ethernet in my home
I have a smart box in my home but the ethernet wires were never connected in the smart box even though they go to each room where I have two Cat % jacks in each room, one for phone which is hooked up and the other for Ethernet. I was wondering what I need to add to the smart box to connect the ethernet cables too so that I can connect computers, etc to the ethernet and get them all to talk? What I want to do it have the cable Router send the ethernet signal from one room back to the smart box and then have it feed into the rest of the rooms so I can connect computers and printers to it. My wireless isnt' working well sine the house is made of Rastra (a Concrete material) and I'm getting lots of dropped signals.

 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 19 Sep 2007
Dear Andrew,

Not exactly sure what's missing in the box but it could very well be the patch panel inserts because they are the most expensive parts of a residential distribution center and the builder could have "forgotten" to install those. Be sure to buy patch panel inserts of the same manufacturer that produced the box itself. Others may or may not fit. Then you have to terminate the empty ends of the data cables onto those patch panel inserts.
Next step would be to procure an Ethernet switch and connect all data cable ends to ports of that switch. one port of the switch you should reserver for the router connection (on the LAN side of the router).

Good luck!

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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