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 Question by brandon romo romo posted 11 Feb 2007
 max length
how long can a rca video cable run with good quality ,a nd how long can coaxial video cable runwith perfect quality
 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 11 Feb 2007
Dear Brandon romo,

RCA is a common name for a type of a coaxial connector so the questions sort of does not make sense as you are asking to compare a coaxial cable to a coaxial cable without giving more details.
I do, however, sense that you are probably asking about composite NTSC video (usually simpler cable and RCA) versus RGB component video (still RCA-type but usually heavier gauge and more expensive cables).

I am not aware of a particular length standard (the actual performance depends on the receiver and the transmitter that comprise one pair of devices talking to each other) but in practice we have been able to achieve 800 feet + transmission of composite video (goes over one coax cable) and only about 75 feet of RGB component video (goes over three coax cables) without considerable quality degradation.

Check out this page at Wikipedia for more info

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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