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 Question by Ander Ferch69.110.90.254 posted 01 Jan 2007
 Winding my own Video Balun. How to do it?
I really want to try to make my own video balun transformers. I'd like to run regular video over Cat 5 / 6 for a distance of a few hundred feet. I've looked for an hour and I've seen nearly nothing about diy. I'd appreciate being told it's entirely too hard.. (can't imagine that) or that it is very easy. :) Thank you.
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 02 Jan 2007
Dear Ander,
Sorry I don't know of any source of this information but it is quite involved. Some of the first CATV baluns manufactured had a limitation on length of the cable (less then 100 meters) due to the excessive losses at higher frequencies. This is not a real DIY type project.

That being said I did run across a few books on the subject at this link:
I found this by seaching on Yahoo using the term "CATV Balun Theory"

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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