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 Question by Neil Macdonald posted 12 Oct 2006
 Shielded Cabling - why ?
Hi, Folks. I am caught between two opposite points of view regarding shielded (FTP) cabling.

Is there any benefit for using it over UTP if the shielding is not carried through to shielded RJ45's and beyond ?

If you use FTP instead of UTP is there any extra protection from EMI ? I install computer systems on yachts, I beleive UTP is adequate but my directors insist on FTP cables, but not shielded connectors or switches, so I think there's no advantage. They say that the foil ptotects the signal in the cables. Can anyione clear this up ? Alson does can anyone recommend a good book or fornmal qualification that can be taken ? (I would do this in England).

Many thanks,+

 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 14 Oct 2006
Dear Neil,

Your suspicious are correct. In order for the shielding to be effective it must be grounded (earthed) at least on one end. The best way is to use shielded connector equipment. As you are in England, I would suggest contacting ITT Cannon who is a large manufacturer for this gear in Europe
Here is a link to an article on this subject

Here is a link to ITT

and an article from them on this subject
Joseph Golan, RCDD

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