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 Question by Brian Boynton posted 03 Feb 2001
 CAT 5 Ethernet Female Config.
I am in support for a small company in Gaithersburg, MD (USA) and am trying to improve a peer-to-peer networking configuration by adding a 3Com 3300 layer 3 switch. The switch is configured for 100B-T and several users have no networking upon connecting them to the new hardware.
I think it is b/c their wall ports are configured for 10B-T. What is the config. for 10B-T? What is the wall port (female) config. for 10 B-T?

What is the port (female) config. for 100B-T, assuming I use the T658B config. for a straight-through?

I appreciate your feedback, it will help greatly.

Brian Boynton
 Answer by Roman Kitaev posted 05 Feb 2001
Hi, Brian!

10Base-T and 100Base-T use the same wiring scheme (they use pairs 2&3 from 4-pair UTP cable). The problem is that 100Base-T requires Category 5 components and installation practices; 10Base-T requires lower Category 3 components and installation practices.

It looks like some of your links do not provide Category 5 performance. Check the following:

1) all cabling components are Category 5-compliant
2) all installation guidelines are strictly observed (see this link for more info:

Hope it helps
Roman Kitaev, RCDD

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