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 Question by MIKE CAMPBELL posted 06 Jun 2006
 CAT5 VS CAT5e Connectors
What is the difference betweeen CAT5 and CAT5e connectors?
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 06 Jun 2006
Dear MIKE,
In reality, very little. Category 5e was established to allow Gigabit Ethernet while category 5 is limited to 100BaseT, even though it was envisioned to run 1000BaseT before the standard was fully established. It's just a little tighter spec that takes into account Return Loss as well Power Sum properties of the cable system.

Category 5 standards have been deleted in the standards and are now a footnote. If you have a category 5 plant you could attempt to test it to category 5e standards using a Type II or better tester, about 75% of the old category 5 plants do pass category 5e testing standards in my experience.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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