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 Question by Paul Domjan posted 19 Feb 2006
 Using a German DSL modem in the UK

I have a Zylex Prestige 660HW67 ADSL modem/router/WLAN access point, sold in the German market. It has an RJ45 DSL input. I've now moved to the UK, where my ISP has given me a DSL filter with an RJ11 output. My DSL is working with a UK DSL modem (RJ11 input) connected with a UK RJ11-RJ11 cable, which is standard telephone. Pin 2 on one end pairs to pin 3 on the other and vice versa. Having read the other answers here, I know that an RJ11 will center in an RJ 45 port. However, when I use this cable with the German router, I get no signal. I've noticed that the German RJ45-RJ45 DSL cable is straight through (pin 4 to pin 4, pin 5 to pin 5). As such, I've made a cable that takes pins 2&3 on the filter and pairs them to pins 4 and 5 on the modem with no swapping, but this doesn't work either. What am I doing wrong? Do I just need to buy new UK market equipment?

Many thanks,

 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 19 Feb 2006
Dear Paul,

I am not sure this will help you as this help desk is US based and I am not sure of the differences between our DSL and the UK or German versions. In our version the DSL filter are NOT used for the DSL modem, they are meant to be used with analog equipment (Telephones, Faxes, answering machines, dial-up modems, etc.) to filter OUT the DSL signal as it can be heard as "noise" on the analog equipment. In our version, if the DSL modem is being fed by the filter, it will NOT work.

I took a look at the Zylex US web site for your unit at
but was unable to pull up the user manual for the 660HW family of units to see what was particular about your "67" version or to see if there was something else to be set for use in the UK. They did have an email support option (again this is the US site) but maybe they can help you. The address for the email support is:

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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