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Question by Dorothea Muecke-Herzberg posted 01 Jan 1990
icon ScTP and network equipment

unfortunatly I have to handle ScTP cabling and have no experience (only with UTP). ScTP cables come with shielded RJ45 plugs. Can they be plugged into standard RJ45 jacks of network cards
or network switches?
I am concerned here about the shielding and earthing continuity.

Answer by Roman Kitaev posted 12 May 2000
icon Hi, Dorothea!

yes, you may plug screened plugs into standard RJ-45 jacks, but the shield may not work in this case because you may lose shield continuity and ground connection.

By the way, most ports in switches and network cards are screened.

The principles for proper installation and operation of screened 4-pair twisted-pair cabling are described in a special document titled "Guide to Separation of Network Cabling from EMI sources" available for download at

Best regards,
Roman Kitaev, RCDD

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