POE over 25 pair cables

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 Question by Ryan Brudos posted 21 Dec 2005
 POE over 25 pair cables
I currently have 25 pair tie cables between 2 floors in a facility. Will cat 3 25 pair cables support poe for wireless access points? Will there be any interference issues with the exisiting non poe devices that are already running on the 25 pair? Thanks.
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 21 Dec 2005
Dear Ryan,

Sharing service under a single sheath is one of those areas that we in the structured cabling business try to avoid because of the potential trouble of cross talk from alien sources. You should be aware that your wireless access points may not be able to operate at full speed (if they are dual speed) due to the less quality of category 3 vs. category 5e. This will be especially true when the overall cable lengths get closer to the maximum of 295'. While I have seen category 3 run 100BaseT, the reality is it may only run 10BaseT which it is designed for. My recommendation is to home-run category 5e directly to the access points.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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