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 Question by Jeremy Bass posted 02 Nov 2005
 CATV distribtion
What is the proper way to distribute CATV from a backbone cable? Do I use a directional tap to feed a spliiter block from the "tap" output and then feed another splitter block from the "out" output? I will be installing an amplipier before the tap. The splitter blocks are both 16 port splitters. The backbone is a quad shield RG11 cable and the room homeruns are RG6 quad shield. I plan on using terminator males (Bolonder Tongue part #BTF-TP) on the unused ports of the splitter block. Thanks in advance.
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 03 Nov 2005 Jeremy,

There are a number of variable that have to be considered when designing a CATV or a MATV system.
1. Number of locations
2. Length of run
3. Type of cable
4. Signal strength
5. receiver sensitivity

Look at this url for some basic design info and insight:
There are 3 pages to this article, look for the links at the bottom of pages 1 & 2 to go to the next page.

You may also want to contact Blonder Tongue for their design assistance, here is a link to their services:

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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