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 Question by Jim Marinacci posted 21 Oct 2005
 enhanced cable tester
Hi -

I recently purchased an "enhanced" cable tester. The instructions that came with it are incomprehensible.

I made up some straight thru 8 pin cat 5 ethernet cables. I tested the cables with a continuity meter and there is continuity from one end of the rj45 to the other at each pin. Also, the cables work fine in a live network.

Whenever I plug the cable in to this tester, I can only get the 3&6 leds to light green, the others don't light up at all. I have taken commercially made cables and they read the same on this tester - so I don't think it's my cable. I am wiring the cable as a T-568A to T-568A.

Can you please tell me simple instructions as to how to test a straight thru 8 pin RJ45 cat 5 ethernet cable for continuity with this tester?

Here are some links to the tester:

mfg: http://www.3nc.com/251452eng.htm

sellers: http://www.techbuys.net/tlt-nt008.html --

TIA for your help!

Thank you

 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 21 Oct 2005
Dear Jim,

I am not familiar with this tester and could not locate any true user instruction on-line except for at this location:

It would seem from these instructions that your are supposed to get a Green LED for each pair sequentially. Unfortunately the picture of the unit is so small I can not make out the markings on the units or see if there are any option switches such as: RUN; STEP; STOP or and other options. I even tried to "Capture" the immage and enlatrge it but it became distorted.

I hate to say this but it seems to be a very crude tester and I was not impressed with the use of the English language on the sheet. If it would run against a commercially made cable (which you tried) then I think you could figure out what was wrong. If there are no option switches (as I mentioned above), I would try fresh batteries and if it still didn't run then return it, as it would appear defective.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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