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 Question by Anonymous visitor posted 09 Aug 2005
 telephone wire splicing
New home purchase, all outside phone wires severed to jacks. I have the phone wire to run & splice where the wires were cut, have PVC boxes to protect the connection. Bought 3M Scotchlok butt connectors but they confuse me, as I'm used to electrical wiring & using wire nuts. Have I got the right connector to splice? It looks like you run the wires in just to end the connection, no outlet; or is it just that the wires go in the same end instead of opposite ends?
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 10 Aug 2005
Dear Anonymous visitor,

It sound like the correct connector and yes they are supposed to go into the same end (most of these will only allow you to splice two conductors but some versions have a "slot at the same end for a third wire. You are to use one of these per conductor you are splicing.

Also there is nothing wrong with using small wirenuts made to for 24 AWG if you are splicing mutliple cables

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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