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 Question by thomas giannosa posted 29 Jul 2005
 binder colors
i recently took a test at my work and wrote the binder colors as blue/wht, orange/white, green/wht. they marked it wrong saying it must be wht/blue, wht/orange, wht/green, ect. is there a right or wrong way? i have found evidence to support myself, but is there a bicsi standard that you know of?
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 01 Aug 2005
Dear thomas,

BICSI does write standards, they are published by groups such as EIA/TIA/IEEE etc.

While they are technically correct (I'll go into that below), I personnal fail to see the difference in BINDER colors being identified as White/Blue or Blue/White (many installer do interchange these) as there is an equal amount of each color unlike the white/blue wire of a pair which is more white then blue. (This is my personal opinion).

Why they are technically correct - The tip side of a pair goes first in any multi-pair cut-down thus white/blue instead of Blue/White is an absolutly correct answer.

We also present this same information on this website under the resources|references|color code or you can go directly to this url:

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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