4-line splitter for T568a?

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Question by Yuta Hsu posted 01 May 2000
icon 4-line splitter for T568a?
Our apartment has RJ45 jacks throughout, and they're wired according to the T568a standard. I have phone lines wired to each pair (for 4 phone lines total), and I'm looking for a 4-way splitter so each phone line has it's own jack... I hope you can tell me such a thing exists, and where I may be able to order it. Thanks in advance!

Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 04 May 2000
icon Dear Yuta,
Unfortunatelly, I have to admit - I never heard of such a device. And I'm pretty sure there are no factory-made devices of this kind just becase they do not fit into the whole idea of structured cabling (which T568A belongs to). The idea is to have one piece of terminal equipment, like phone set, equipped with one RJ-45 jack, which is universal enough to support as many of other applications as possible. If you need to connect four phone sets to just one jack, it looks like somebody made a mistake when planning the wiring at your appartment. Besides, you'll need to place all four sets very close to each other (within the length of the connection cord). Please don't get me wrong - if you're pushed by the situation to have 1 cable split between 4 jacks, you can create that kind of splitters yourself by using T568A pin layout table, RJ-45 cord cut at one end and 4 RJ-45 jacks.
If you suppose to do it at the closet end, 110 wiring blocks are pretty convenient way to create any custom layout you want.
With best regards,
Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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