Distance limitations on PTZ/power/video over CAT5

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 Question by laura bergus posted 14 Jun 2005
 Distance limitations on PTZ/power/video over CAT5
We're running an installation with 6 PTZ cameras into a DVR that requires daisy-chaining for PTZ control. Taking the daisy-chained length into consideration, the total distance is approximately 1600 ft. Individual runs vary from 100 to 440 feet. To test we used all passive baluns, and the configuration worked with certain PTZ cameras at a long distance, but not with other cameras. The cameras that didn't work on the long runs were fine on shorter ones. I assume it's the distance that is an issue, that some cameras are "pickier" than others... Is there any reliable way to boost/retain the power/PTZ/video signal over long distances? Would active baluns do it? Thanks for your help!
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 24 Jun 2005
Dear laura,

Please contact the manufacturer for this equipment

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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