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 Question by Clyde DePhillips posted 17 May 2005
I'd like to know what type interconnects would you use to route hybrid fiber optic cables originating in one campus building to three others. Are there splitters or hubs of sorts for fiber cables??

Thanks, Clyde
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 18 May 2005
Dear Clyde,

This a very broad question and the answer may depend on the number of fiber of each type in the hybrid and the intended use of the fiber.

As a general rule, I would use a fiber distribution panel with coupling panels. The fiber should be terminated with "standards" based connectors and interconnection is accomplished with patch cordage. This would allow easier re-allocation of fibers and proper identification of the fibers. If the fiber strand count is high, you may want to consider separate panels for the different fiber core sizes (SM, MM 50u, MM 62.5, etc.).

There are a number of products available from many manufacturers that accomplish this. Try searching for "Fiber Distribution panel" or otherwise referred to as "fiber patch panel" to see the many possibilities.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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