Avaya IP Office Label Builder Usage Tips

This tool is in BETA version. Please report any issue here

Tip #1: Export "live" configuration for best results

If you have just connected to an IP Office system and downloaded its configuration, the Manager preserves information about phone types for those phones currently connected to the system. If you export that configuration and then load it into Avaya IP Office Label Builder, the tool will then automatically assign correct label templates.

Conversely, if you have exported a configuration file that has been saved to your hard drive first, the information about phone types is gone and you will have to manually assign phone types in Avaya IP Office Label Builder. If the tool cannot identify the phone type (the phone type is not supported or this is not a "live" configuration or the phone was disconnected at the time the configuration was received), you will see "Unknown digital handset" in the "Phone Model" field. Use the drop-down menu to set the correct type of phone for that user.

If you leave the phone model at "Unknown digital handset", the tool will default to the 4412D/4424D label.

Tip #2: What about security?

The configuration you load onto our server is not saved locally on the server. Therefore we do not have a record of the configuration you've submitted and we don't have users VM password or any other sensitive information that might have been in the configuration file. As a result of our no-record policy you will have to re-submit the configuration file every time you want to re-print the labels, even when there was no change.

Tip #3: Use button labels in the Avaya IP Office Manager software

Even though the button labels are not required in the configuration file if you are using older phones, such as 44xx and 64xx series, this tool will use them to create paper labels. Only when there is no custom label for the button, system default label will be used. Some (if not most) of those system default labels are rather cryptic and not obvious to an unexperienced user. So we advise you to still use the "label" field on the "Button Programming" tab in the Manager software.

Tip #4: 6424 style labels are large. Group them separately.

If you have variety of phone types, try to create labels for 6424 phones separately from other types. These labels are rather large and you'll only get one or two per page if you mix it in with smaller labels (such as 4406D for example).

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