10BASE-T Pin Layout

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Here presented are two pin assignments for 8-position 8-contact (8P8C) jacks, that may be found in premises cabling systems. The only difference between the two is the pairs 2 and 3 positions. T568A and T568B SHALL NOT be used simultaneously in one installation. Note: T568A is default, T568B is optional.

T568A for 10Base-T pin assignment scheme Pin # Conductor Color Code
1 white/green
2 green
3 white/orange
4 blue
5 white/blue
6 orange
7 white/brown
8 brown


T568B pin assignment scheme Pin # Conductor Color Code
1 white/orange
2 orange
3 white/green
4 blue
5 white/blue
6 green
7 white/brown
8 brown
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