Benefits of Modern Residential Telecom Cabling

Benefits of Modern Residential Telecom Cabling
Modern Residential Telecommunications Cabling provides many important benefits to the tenant:

Computer applications
* Easy sharing of Internet access between multiple computers;
* Support and ease of installation for high-speed home LAN;
* Easy sharing of files, printers, modems and other peripherals between multiple computers;
* Home office support with LAN connections and multiple phone lines for telephone/fax/modem;

Voice applications
* Analog and ISDN phone line support;
* Easy assignment and rearrangement of incoming phone lines to any outlet location;
* Support for key systems and PBX;

Video applications
* Viewing broadband video sources (antenna, cable and satellite TV programs) at every connected TV set;
* Viewing baseband video sources (VCR, DVD, security cameras, baby monitoring) at every connected TV set;

Home automation
* Home automation system support and integration (CEBus, Lonworks);

Audio applications
* Home theater support;
* Stereo sound distribution;

Future applications
* Future applications and high-speed services support;

Economic Benefits
* Higher reselling price;
* Savings when upgrading to the future applications;

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