Financial Considerations for Residential Wiring

Financial Considerations for Residential Wiring
So, you are convinced by a wealth of options and possibilities offered by a smart residential cabling system. Now letís talk business:

∑ How much does it cost?
∑ How much for wiring components?
∑ How much for installation?
∑ What is an expected resale value if my house has an advanced wiring?

Below are the concise answers:

∑ Upgrading wiring in existing homes costs 25%-30% more than including all the needed wiring during home construction process.
∑ Typical residential telecom wiring systems cost from $1000 to $3000. Moderate wiring costs less than $1000.
∑ Installation costs $700 - $2000 for new construction and from $1500 - $4000 for existing homes
∑ Smart wiring adds 5%-10% value to a typical $200,000 home. In the near future, homebuyers will simply demand the advanced residential cabling system.

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