How to make a briged 110 block

How to make a briged 110 block
There are two options:

1.Visit Lucent's website to see bridged block 110AB1-025M (050M), which is ready
to use:

2. Take Lucent's DW1, DW2 or AW2 wiring block and sufficient amount of 110C-X
connection blocks (X means amount of pairs served, so you don't need more than
one 110C-3). Use impact tool WITH NO CUTTING BLADE. Strip about 10 inches at
the end of incoming cable's jacket. Sit the pair into the first pair slot on the wiring block
near the end of cable jacket. Bend pair 180 grad about an inch away from the slot
and sit it into second slot. Do not reverse conductors, although it's not quite
important for telephony, anyway. Bend pair 180 grad again and sit it into third slot. If
you need more than 3 bridged pairs, repeat this step. Afterwards you can cut
remaining wires. Take 110C-3 connecting block and sit it into position with impact
tool. That's it! You've got 3 pairs ontop of conn. block, that are all connected in
parallel. Then take your impact tool and connect 1st pair of each 4-pairs cable to it's
own contact pair ontop of 110C-3. Lay your cables and terminate them as usual.
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