100 Mbit link is very slow. What to do?

100 Mbit link is very slow. What to do?
I made my own cable to go to the hub. When trying to connect the 10/100 3com PCMCIa card to the hub using the cable, it will only work at 10MB. When it tries to work at 100MB, the 100mb light turns on, I can ping but lots of timeouts, also, connecting to other machines it painfully slow. Something is wrong.

One of the possible reasons is that your link from the computer to the hub is not fully Category 5 compliant.

Check the following:
- are you sure that your cable is Cat5?
- are you sure that RJ-45 plugs you have terminated on this cable are Cat5?
- are you sure that your plugs are appropriate for your wire type?
(cables can consist of *stranded* and *solid* wires. The RJ-45 plugs and outlets must be compatible with the wire type used)
- are you sure that you terminated the cable with RJ-45 plugs correctly?
(check it looking at the plugs; there should be no excessive pair untwisting there)
- are you sure that there is no excessive bends or kinks on the cable?
- are you sure that the cable is supported and/or attached correctly?
(for example, attaching it to the wall using staples is absolutely not allowed)
- are you sure that your hub and network card both support 100 Mbit?
(you can check it using software config program supplied with the card and hub)?

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