110 Cat6 to Cat5E patch leads.

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 Question by Jimmy Byrne posted 12 Oct 2004
 110 Cat6 to Cat5E patch leads.
Can anyone help me with this query please? My company has carried out a sizeable project for a major banking company. As a small part of this project we have installed approximately 48 Amp Cat6 110 blocks. These were to be used in the future, but the client has now asked can he utilise them and croos-connect to the existing Cat5 110 frame. I know that this will basically turn our Cat6 frame back into a Cat5 medium, both I and the client are aware of this. As this is a tempory solution until we replace all the Cat5 110 biscuits and cable with Cat6 biscuits and cable. To cut a long story short the supplier(Amp) can supply us with Cat6 open ended leads and field terminated Cat5e biscuit heads, only problem is the eight week lead time. Is there any other solution to this problem, or does anyone have a better lead time on the materials required.


Jimmy Byrne
Network Cabling Services
 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 13 Oct 2004
Dear Jimmy ,

It does not look like you can get around AMP on this one. The design of their 6-110XC connector is proprietary, so you are stuck purchasing it from AMP. I would call different distributors to see if other people have the parts you need in stock or can deliver on shorter terms.

CAT5E 110 connectors are also usually non-stock items, but you are not limited to AMP only, so ask if your distributor carries alternative brands for CAT5E heads if that would speed up the delivery.

It is really strange that AMP never thought of converting between the proprietary format of 6-110XC and the de-facto standard of "regular" 110. I don't think you should be the only one facing that challenge.

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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