pls answer this questions for me FREE cabling and networking Helpdesk
 Question by lekan alli balogun posted 28 Sep 2004
 pls answer this questions for me
hi I need this answer for a university project
1] For a knighthood, Lloyd George charged?

2] Aussie police arrested John Stonehouse after his 1974 Reggie Perrin-style disappearance because they thought he was ?


Neil Hamilton received his 50 notes from Mohamed Al Fayed stuffed in ?

4] A duel on Putney Heath in 1809 between two cabinet ministers saw Viscount Castlereagh shoot future premier George Canning in the ?

5 Which cabinet minister insisted "The question of resignation does not arise" before resigning some 36 hours later?
hope to hear from you soon
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 29 Sep 2004
Dear lekan,

Sorry but only question concerning structured cabling are provided in this forum.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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