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 Question by joe garcia posted 03 Jul 2004
 CAT5e Wiring Applications
My house is being built and comes with Cat5e prewired to several jacks around the house. I think I understand the advantages of having this wiring over Cat3, but I am still somewhat confused about the following. My main use for Cat5 wiring will be high-speed internet access. Currently, I need a modem to use DSL. Will I be able to install the modem at the control box and have simultaneous access to high speed internet at all Cat5 jacks around the house?
 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 12 Jul 2004
Dear Joe,

This kind of cabling setup will let you install a DSL modem with a router by the center of this cabling system, and then, by connecting several PCs to the router, share that Internet access between the PCs. Depending on the way the patch panel is done at the center of your cabling all you may need to do is to use a patch cord between a port on the router and the patch panel port.

This is a nice cabling setup, BTW. Not everybody has a luxury of having CAT5E cables distributed around the house, so keep a close eye on the builders so they don't damage the cable during construction. There should be no kinks, no squishing or stretching or you may loose the advantage of having a greater grade cabling system.

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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