T568A or T568B

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 Question by Philip Ciancimino posted 31 Jul 2000
 T568A or T568B
I've read all of the posted questions from everyone on this site. I can't seem to to pin point anywhere if one is to use T568A pin configuration or T568B. If I were to setup a Network in a small office or at home, what pin configuration would I use. When would one use T568B instead of T568A and vice versa?

 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 02 Aug 2000
Dear Philip:

When you setup a LAN in a small office or home, I would suggest that you use T568A since all the cabling standards (office and residential) address this wiring scheme as a preferred option.

Physically, there is no problem to use T568B, but you have to make sure all the connecting hardware is of the same (T568B) layout.

There is only one drawback of using 'B' scheme - if you are to use six-position plug at the terminal end, you have pairs #1 and #3. Alternatively, if you use 'A', you have pairs #1 and #2 (sequentially numbered). It makes crossing little easier. But even this small problem disappears when you use cross system, which is flexible enough like 110-type cross connect.

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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