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 Question by Waqas Zaki posted 21 May 2004
 Technology difference of Cat 5 and 5e
I just want to ask how the technology differs of cat 5 and cat 5e as one is gigabit and other one is for 10/100 Mbps? and also difference in crosstalk and some other things?
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 24 May 2004
Dear Waqas,

Category 5e is an enhanced version of category 5. Category 5 is no longer recognized in the standards. The original thought was that category 5 was going to take us to gigabit ethernet but it fell a little short in Return Loss which prompted that the standards be tweaked which turned into categorty 5e. Most (but not all) of the better cable that was produced to the category 5 standards acutaully met the category 5e performace requirements

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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